As an investment property owner and someone who carefully and closely watches the real estate market, here are the reasons why I encourage you to consider investing in real estate.

HAVE SOMEONE ELSE PAY YOUR DEBT!  Right there you should just stop and say "Where do I sign?" because really, that's what real estate investing is all about.  YOU will be the holder of the mortgage but your renters will be paying that mortgage for you. 

 In addition to your renters paying off your debt, you can also gain long-term steady cash flow as long as the property is rented (why wouldn't it be??).  Hypothetically speaking. if you have a 2-family home and your monthly mortgage and taxes are $1,500 and you're collecting $1,050/month from each tenant, so $2,100 total, you will have an extra $600 every month as a steady cash flow.  

All while your renters are paying down your loan AND you're collecting extra income each month, it's historically proven that property values appreciate over you're gaining equity on a property that your never actually paid on!  So your homes value will increase, but your mortgage will have a fixed rate!  It's a win, win.  

There's certainly a lot more information to share so contact me 518-669-1804 and I would be happy to assist you!