These are a few of my never fails conversations with FSBO'S....

  1. "Everybody likes my house" - The people looking aren't REALLY going to say what they think when they walk thru your home. Think about this for a second. You're walking thru someones home, whether your interested in buying it or not, are you really going to tell those people that the green carpet is ugly, or that their appliances are disgusting....Or that the furniture is hideous or the "Chinese Theme Room" is not really that Awesome!...As you can tell, I've heard it all (or at least thought it myself). 
  2. "Nobody looks at THIS house unless they are pre-approved" - Suuuure. If you actually read that 8.5x11 piece of toilet paper, it's actually a pre-quail instead of a pre-approval...Never mind the fact that the letter head on that paper is from Lehman Bros. Mortgage Inc. But really, to ask the hard questions, how much money is in your account? where is the money coming from? and how much money do you make each year? is not something people are comfortable asking or being questioned about unless they feel your worthy of an answer.
  3. "This house was appraised for XYZ two years ago" - Actually, what happened was, you called the bank for a re-fi and they asked you what it was worth and then they granted you a HELOC. If they were extra careful, they might have even sent an appraiser to DRIVE BY the home...Wow, and so that's why its worth XYZ? How about XYZ minus 18%...Sounds a bit more realistic.
  4. "Well I put a lot of work into this, I did that myself" - You should have hired someone else...
  5. "We had it sold, but the buyers had a house to sell and couldn't sell it" - Well basically, you took an offer from someone who wasn't working with an agent. Therefore, they had no guidance and they most likely didn't get any guidance from any agent because the house that they are buying was a FSBO so whoever buys their house probably won't have an agent either...Nope. Wrong. This is a wreck waiting to happen...Now, instead of one guy thinking he has sold his home, one other thinks he is purchasing one and when he realizes he can't sell his, the situation turns a little messy. (Like the video...)
  6. "We really can't pay a commission because we really need to walk with XYZ"- Here's the deal...This is what your home is worth regardless of what you need to walk with. We can market the home for its value and ultimately, the buying public will offer what it's worth because they are the ones who determine that sort of thing...Duh, they are the BUYERS!!!! of HOUSES!!!! NO ONE ELSE IS!!!!!