The Capital Region housing market is a VERY hot market right now. Because of that, owners who are deciding to sell their homes in the Capital Region are now concerned that they won't be able to find a new home if their home sells quickly. We've had a lot of discussions lately with clients looking to sell their homes and how they can line up the purchase of their new home. A lot of coaching has gone into process of selling and buying and why it is advantegous to do so in that order. Here are 5 reasons we suggest taking the leap and getting your home on the market and sold:

  1. You will take the guessing out of "what will our home sell for" and answer questions like "how much equity do we have to put down on the new one" and "what will our new mortgage payment look like"?
  2. You are going to be able to pay less for the new purchase (a better deal!) - buyers who have to attach contingencies to their offers typically have to compensate with paying a higher price.
  3. Stalling the buyers or delaying the closing can be a simple thing to do - especially if the buyers are coming from the parents house or an apartment.
  4. You are less likely to lose on a multiple offer situation. Since we are seeing a lot of multiple offer situations - if you have to enter into one with a contingency to have to sell your house - you might as well forget it!
  5. Peace of mind...First, things first. Even though the overall undertaking of selling a house and then buying another one is a process - why not make it less stressful by eliminating one of the major steps.

If you are thinking about making a move, contact the Field Team and we would be happy to put our proven marketing and 4 decades worth of experience on your side! THE HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE!