I was listening to the radio during my morning commute.  Sean and Bethany, the radio personalities from 107.7 WGNA, had an interesting list of Albany, N.Y. attractions.  Albany, the state capitol of New York, has many unique architectural and historic sights to visit, The Egg, The State Education Building, The Capitol Building and the Palace Theater, to name a few.  Each of these places corrie with stories rich in history.  This segment really piqued my interest so I did a quick search before sitting down to type...to my surprise, many fun facts popped up about Albany, NY. This article is pretty cool (http://wgna.com/10-facts-about-albany-you-probably-didnt-know/).  Who knew that Washington park was built on burial grounds???  And this is a great article too...(http://www.albany.org/press/amazing-facts/)!